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Activity Schedule For Kindergarten
APRIL8th April, 20WednesdayRed color day
15th April, 20WednesdayThumb Printing
22nd April, 20WednesdayThrow The Ball
29th April, 20WednesdaySelf Introduction
MAY8th May, 20FridayYellow Color Day
15th May, 20FridayDining Table Etiquettes
23rd May, 20SaturdayHurdle Race
JULY15th July, 20WednesdayGreen Color Day
22nd July, 20WednesdayRhyme Recitation
29th July, 20WednesdayFrog Race
AUGUST5th August, 20WednesdayOrange Color Day with Coloring Activity
11th August, 20TuesdayJanamashtami Celebration
19th August, 20WednesdayGet Ready to School Race
26th August, 20WednesdayFavorite Fruit
SEPTEMBER2nd September, 20WednesdayFruit Chat Party
9th September, 20WednesdayFancy Dress Competition (Favorite Cartoon)
23rd September, 20WednesdayMusical Chair
30th September, 20WednesdayShow & Tell
OCTOBER7th October, 20WednesdayColoring the Mask
14th October, 20WednesdayActivity on Shapes
21st October, 20WednesdayPaper Folding Activity
28th October, 20WednesdaySpeech on Diwali
NOVEMBER4th November, 20WednesdayDiya Decoration
11th November, 20WednesdayNehru Cap Making
18th November, 20WednesdayGayatri Mantra
DECEMBER2nd December, 20WednesdaySports Activity
9th December, 20WednesdayChristmas Card Making
16th December, 20WednesdayCarol Singing
Inter - House Co-Curricular Activites : 2020-21
Thursday Activities are for Classes I – V
Friday Activities are for Classes VI - X
APRIL16th April, 20ThursdayTalent Hunt (I-V)
17th April, 20FridayTalent Hunt (VI-X)
23rd April, 20ThursdayTalent Hunt (I-V)
24th April, 20FridayTalent Hunt (VI-X)
MAY7th May, 20ThursdayMathopedia (I-V)
8th May, 20FridayMathopedia (VI-X)
14th May, 20ThursdayBest Out Of Waste (I - V)
15th May, 20FridayBest Out Of Waste (VI-X)
21st May, 20ThursdayEnglish Calligraphy (I-V)
22nd May, 20FridayEnglish Calligraphy (VI-X)
JULY9th July, 20ThrusdayHindi Calligraphy (I-V)
10th July, 20FridayHindi Calligraphy (VI-X)
30th July, 20ThurdayRakhi Making Competetion (I-X)
AUGUST6th August, 20ThursdayScience Quiz (I-V)
7th August, 20FridaySlogan Writing (VI-X)
13th August, 20ThursdayPatriotic Group Song (I-V)
14th August, 20FridayBoard Decoration (VI-X)
20th August, 20ThurdayDebate Competetion (I-V)
21st August, 20FridayDebate Competetion (VI-X)
27th August, 20ThursdayHindi Debate Competetion (I-V)
28th August, 20FridayHindi Debate Competetion (VI - X)
OCTOBER8th October, 20ThursdaySports Activities (I-V)
9th October, 20FridaySports Activities (VI-X)
15th October, 20ThursdaySports Activities (I-V)
16th October, 20FridaySports Activities (VI-X)
22nd October, 20ThurdaySports Activities (I-V)
23rd October, 20FridaySports Activities (VI-X)
29th October, 20ThursdaySports Quiz (I-V)
30th October, 20FridaySports Quiz (VI-X)
NOVEMBER5th November, 20ThursdayDiya Decoration (I-V)
6th November, 20FridayThali Decoration (VI-X)
12th November, 20ThursdayRangoli Competition (VI-X)
DECEMBER3rd December, 20ThurdaySports Match (I-V)
4th December, 20FridaySports Match (I-V)
10th December, 20ThursdaySports Match (I-V)
11th December, 20FridaySports Match (I-V)
JANUARY21st January, 21ThursdayExtempore (I-V)
22nd January, 21FridayExtempore (VI-X)
28th January, 21ThursdayStreet Play
29th January, 21FridayScience Quiz (VI-X)
Picnic (Kindergarten i.e. Nursery – U.K.G)
Date & DayVenue
24th April, 20 i.e. FridayZoo, Rohtak
16th September, 20 i.e. WednesdayA visit to a Temple
25th November i.e. WednesdayPicnic
(Primary i.e. I – III)
Date & DayVenue
24th April, 20 i.e. FridayParle Factory
19th November i.e. ThursdayOne Day Picnic
(Secondary & Senior Secondary i.e. IV – X)
Day & DateVenue
24th April, 20 i.e. FridayNational Science Museum
20th November i.e. FridayDay Picnic
Special Assembly
22nd April, 20XEarth Day
1st May, 20IXLabour’s Day
29nd August, 20VIIIFit India
17nd October, 20VIISharing Is Caring
31st October  November, 20V & VIHaryana Day(Cultural Glimpses Of Haryana)
24nd December, 20I - IVChristmas
Special Events
1st May, 20Labour’s Day
15th August, 20Independence Day
5th September, 20Teachers Day
17th October, 20Grandparents Day
25th October, 20Dusshera Celebration
12th November, 20Children’s Day & Diwali Celebration
24th December, 20Christmas Day Celebration
26th January, 21Republic Day Celebration
Health Checkup for Students
7th August, 2020Nursery to III
8th August, 2020IV to X
5th February, 2021Nursery to III
6th February, 2021IV to X
Workshop for Parents & Students
Parents9th May, 2020Workshop on "Positive Parenting"
17th October, 2020Workshop on "Importance of Habits"
StudentsApril, 2020 (Class I-X)Workshop on "Time Management"
July, 2020 (Class VI-X)Workshop on "Adolescence"
November, 2020 (Class I-X)Workshop on "Self Discipline"
February, 2021 (IX-X)Workshop on "Career Guidance"